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A Glass of Fresh Air

Perfect for offices or homes, Skywell generates up to five gallons of clean drinking water per day — hot or cold from fresh air.  Skywell is a revolution in water creation.

There had to be a better way to create fresh drinking water, without delivery trucks, single-use bottles, or rusty pipes - that’s better for our health and for the environment. That’s why Skywell was created!

The Skywell technology creates fresh, clean drinking water (Skywell 5, Skywell 100P) as well as water for commercial use (Skywell 100N), offering you the flexibility to use the Skywell in whatever way works best for your unique situation. Just plug it in to an AC outlet.

Skywell 5 makes up to 5 gallons a day |  Skywell 100 makes up to 100 gallons


Just as nature can create more or less water depending upon temperature and humidity conditions, the Skywell’s water-making capability is also dependent upon the prevailing ambient conditions. If the air around the Skywell is warm and humid, water production is maximal; and conversely, a cold, dry environment limits how much water can be produced.

Why Skywell is Better

•  You control your own water — eliminating your reliance on potentially contaminated municipal water and a decaying water delivery infrastructure.

•  Decrease your water and carbon footprint. Did you know that water requires pumping, piping, and shipping to a treatment plant before it can even get into pipes and dispensed from your water taps? The Skywell eliminates the need for this cumbersome and energy consuming process that also heavily impacts our environment.

•  Get maximum flexibility in where to place your Skywell.

•  No trucks delivering big plastic bottles that require handling and storage — or single-use plastic bottles that pollute our oceans and clog our landfills.

•  The Skywell App allows you to track your water consumption on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, as well as monitor the positive environmental impact that results from your reduced usage of plastic bottles. Plus, it offers you the opportunity to brand the Skywell with your company’s logo.

To understand what the rationale behind Skywell and why it is a hugely important technology revolution - watch this short film ....

Skywell radically transforms the traditional drinking water model by avoiding the heavy environmental costs of producing, warehousing, shipping, and disposing of billions of plastic bottles worldwide. The only container you need with the Skywell is... your water glass.


To be fair, the Skywell has its own impact on the environment. New Skywells must be warehoused and then delivered by van to our customers. The Skywell requires electricity to capture, filter, and then heat or cool the water, but when compared to the alternative, the amount is negligible.


Though no method is perfect, the Skywell's environmental footprint is noticeably lower than those that depend on production and transporation of plastic containers. Environmentally, it is a remarkably effective option for sourcing your high-quality drinking water.


We can't snap our fingers and make billions of discarded plastic bottles disappear. Nor will it be easy to change ingrained consumer behavior overnight. However, collectively we can immediately decide to put an end to our senseless reliance on traditional drinking water sources - ensuring that future generations manage this fragile resource with respect and compassion for the planet.

To understand how Skywell works in an office environment, please watch the video below .....


At Skywell from Clarity, we work hard to ensure our customers have the latest products and technology. Our partnership with Sharp is well established and we are confident we can surpass all your technology expectations - helping you become an eco friendly and healthier office.


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